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In the Classroom

Do I need to be a resident of any particular city to join the group?
​     No.  Everyone is welcome to attend, regardless of residence location.

Are there any dues or fees required.
​    No. We are fortunate, and very grateful, to have our meeting room donated by the city of Mission Viejo.

How often do you meet?
​     The 1st Thursday of each month from 4:00 - 6:00 PM , unless otherwise noted.

Where are meetings held?
      Meetings are held at the Norman P. Murray Senior Center in Mission Viejo, CA

I have Young Onset Parkinson's.  Is this a suitable support group for me?
​     Yes. Our members represent a wide age range. While it is not a group dedicated to YOP, the YOP members that we do have together with the crafty veterans in the group make for a dynamic combination.

​Are spouses / caregivers allowed to attend?
​    Certainly.  They are an important part of our group and are very much encouraged to attend;
​      however, it is not required that spouses / caregivers attend.

​What if I know of someone who I think would make a good guest speaker?
​    Then by all means let us know..  We rely on member input for ideas.

Are refreshments provided at meetings?
    Refreshments are not typically  provided.  Attendees are welcome to bring their own.  There are also a number of restaurants nearby. 

I have a question not addressed here
​     Call Dave at 949-546-5500 to get an answer

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