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Hike club

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For additional info - Neil
call: 949-610-2584
Woodland Path

The South Orange County Parkinson's Support Group has begun a Hiking Club for its members, family, and friends. Its main goal is fun and socialization. All levels of walkers are welcome, as the group will typically break off into smaller groups based on pace once the hike gets going, but nobody will get left behind! The typical distance of each hike is 2 miles, though most hikes take place on courses where the hiker can easily shorten or lengthen the distance as desired. Each month we travel to a different course in Orange County, typically one with at least some or all dirt trails, bathroom access, ample parking, and straightforward course navigation. We typically hold the hikes on Saturday mornings at 10:00 am, but date and time will adjust as needed depending on course, weather, etc. The latest hike info will be posted here as soon as it becomes available. Hiking shoes or boots are not necessary; running shoes are typically ok as long as they are slip resistant and provide support and you feel safe in them for the course terrain. It is also recommended that you bring water and sunscreen. Other accessories such as backpacks and hiking poles are optional. All are welcome to join us.  It is a great opportunity to socialize before, during, and after the hike. Come join us and meet some new people and / or re-connect with some old friends. It is not recommended to bring your dog and dogs are not even allowed on some courses.

To receive emails with the latest hike info and schedule just use the main CONTACT FORM and mention Hiking Club in the Comments section. 

If you know of a course in Orange County that we have not yet hiked, and you think it would be appropriate for our group, please suggest it to Neil.

Hiking Poles are optional but useful for balance  If you would like to try a pair before buying your own, see or call Neil.

Note: In the unlikely event that the scheduled hike needs to be cancelled at the last minute for any reason, an email will be sent immediately and will also be very clearly announced on this page as well in case you are not on our email list. We can't call you because we don't have everyone's number and we don't know for sure who is planning on attending since reservations are

not required. So check here before leaving home if there is any doubt.

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