Daniella Kalaie

10/1/2020 - Daniella Kalaie, a senior at Capo valley High School here in Mission Viejo, is working on a Girl Scout project to bring awareness to Parkinson's and you can help her by agreeing to be interviewed by her and sharing your Parkinson's views and experience with her. These interviews can be done in person, by phone, Zoom, or video, your preference. Also, if you prefer, your identity can remain anonymous and a photo is optional. The key thing is that we take advantage of and support this special young lady's efforts to bring Parkinson's awareness to the community and to the younger generation as well. Daniella, whose grandmother has Parkinson's, has done much research into Parkinson's and now she needs your help in understanding it first-hand. So, PLEASE, consider sharing your views or  part of your PD journey with Daniella, we are ultimately the ones who will benefit. Our thanks to you Daniella.

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